Conflict Within The Mythology Of The Iliad By Homer

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Conflict is defined as the act of coming to disagreement or the clashing of opposing forces. These events are usually rife with emotion and struggle between the forces as they try to combat each other through various means. There are many catalysts to these struggles that range from internal conflict to that of external conflicts. One case of this is explored within The Iliad by Homer. Written within the Bronze Age, it depicts the events that took place during the Trojan War between 1194- 1184 BC. This war is initiated by the Judgement of Paris, which was ultimately won by the .within the Rage of Achilles, detailing the plight that Achilles had faced during the Trojan War caused by the relinquishing of his trophy/wife, Briseis. Another example of conflict can be found within The Metamorphoses by Ovid, which is a collection of mythical short stories that commonly involve the Greek gods in mortal affairs which usually leads to some form of conflict arising. For instance, the story of Pygmalion is about a Greek sculptor who was consumed with his ideal of the human figure. His ideal human figure is unattainable due to how unrealistically perfect it seemed. So he sculpted his ideal woman out of ivory and thus after worshipped it. While Achilles and Pygmalion are from two very different walks of life they both suffer conflicts that deal with their psyche and the people they live amongst. While the Illiad encompasses the conflict between the Trojans and

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