Essay on Conflict and Communication

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Conflict and Communication Conflict can happen anytime of your life, it will happen matter you want it or not. In addition, it can have both negative and positive impacts for our relationship (Gudykunst, 2004). According to Yi-Feng 2007, she mentions that conflict is “incompatible activities, where one person’s actions are interfering, obstructing, or in other ways making the behavior of another less effective”. In term of nature of conflict, conflict is a cause which happens by threatened human needs problem (Kelman, 2002). The sources of conflict can divide into three things, there are misinterpret, disagree and perceptions of incompatibilities (Roloff, 1987). In addition, in term of nature of nature of conflict, conflict can develop in…show more content…
In addition the way of people approach to managing conflict is depend on culture and ethnic (Ting-Toomey, 1985). For example, Asian use avoiding, integrating and obliging to approach but European and American use dominating. In term of face and conflict, we can divide in two parts. Firstly, cultural differences in face-concerns, Moriska and Gudykunst 1994 mention that “face in collectivistic cultures is based on the interdependent self construal”. In this case, Members of individualistic cultures attention to self-face maintenance more than members of collectivistic cultures, however, Members of collectivistic cultures attention to other-face more than members of individualistic culture (Ting-Toomey & Kurogi, 1998). In term of face management, face work tactics are the strategies used to solve problem between others face and self-face when conflicts are managed (Oetzel et al, 1999). In addition, the politeness is need when we do something attract to the other face (Brown & Levinson, 1987). Secondly, in term of ethnic difference in face-concerns, when people have different ethnic it can be concerns with face because people have different identity and it easy to threaten the other face (Kwan & Sodowsky, 1997). However, in each culture and ethnic have both different and similar in itself. Lastly, in term of Managing Conflict, according to Ting-Toomey 2004 mentions that “Without
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