Conflict and Labeling Theory Essay

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Conflict and Labeling Theory Labeling theory is concerned less with that causes the onset of an initial delinquent act and more with the effect that official handling by police, courts, and correctional agencies has on the future of youths who fall into the court system. Labeling theory states that youths violate the law for a number of reasons; these reasons are poor family relationships, neighborhood conflict, peer pressure, psychological and biological abnormality and delinquent learning experiences. Cesar Lombroso was called the father of Modern Criminology, originally came up with the labeling theory. (Labeling Theory) Cesar Lombroso classified criminals into four major categories: born criminals, insane criminals, occasional…show more content…
(Horton the elephant is a criminal :) The criminal justice system and criminal law are operating on behalf of rich and powerful social elites, with resulting policies controlling the middle-lower class. The criminal justice establishment aims at implementing standards of morality and good behavior created by the whole of the society. Focus is on separating the just from the once that would steal from others protecting themselves from physical attacks. In this process the legal rights of the lower class are ignored. The middle class are also actively involved in the community thinking they might themselves rise to the top, by supporting their status. Street crimes that covered minor monetary crimes are routinely punished, while large scale financial and business crimes are treated much more leniently. (Horton the elephant is a criminal :) Radical criminology is a branch of conflict theory, using Marxist ideals. (Critical Perspectives on Crime) In his speeches, Carl Marx indicated the criminal justice system’s specific role in keeping the system in place. From his point of view, certain types of crime transform with a different character. Stealing could be seen as an attempt to take away from the rich, yet the law enforcement community followed a different path in which police officers concentrated on civil rights protesters. Modern capitalist societies are
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