Conflict and Mediation Process

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Conflict and mediation process Whenever conflicts surface in Africa, the first thing that the concerned parties go for is the fastest way of solving the conflict before it grows to uncontrollable proportions. This is when conflict resolution mechanisms are required. In the African context, most conflicts are fueled by rush for scarce resources between individuals and mostly between communities within one nation. The conflicts in Africa are rarely experienced between one nation and the other. The conflicts also arise out of rush for power and positions in government. This is predominantly due to the fact that such leadership positions come with strapping of authority and access to resources that are within the country. Negotiation culture The very initial actions and steps in pursuing peace in a mediation process within Africa are the mediator identifying the cause of the conflict and who the parties in the conflict are. This gives him the clue of the points of tension and the character of the people involved hence able to craft out a way of getting engaged in the mediation process. The mediator and his team then prepare the parties to know what the other group considers norms so as to understand and never clash with them. There is a threefold manner by which this understanding can be brought about, and it is by understanding the Facts, Attitudes and Behavior of the other party. The facts are indelible or unchangeable truths like origin, demography, historical
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