Conflict and Omagh Essay

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CONFLICT AND OMAGH ESSAY Conflict is an inevitable occurrence that occurs throughout all woks of life and its effect expand far beyond the individual person and pose a significant impact on the wider community. Conflicts can be as small as a disagreement with friends or family or as big as a bombing or war. Conflict can be expressed as a fight or struggle due to a clash between people with opposing beliefs or interests. Conflict occurs in social settings and has a great impact on a persons daily life and the lives of those in the society. Conflict is part of life of humans. It can be in various types such as racial conflicts such as in the Middle Eat, religious conflict, Bali Bombing and September 11, cultural or inner conflict. As…show more content…
He was a man great courage and tolerance. He taught his followers to ‘adopt a peaceful course of action to avoid all violence’. Similar to Gandhi, he also rejected violence. In the 1950’s, Mandela was arrested and imprisoned for twenty-seven years. After that twenty-seven years of imprisonment, he would have seeked revenge but he didn’t, because he believed in avoiding conflict. Instead, he kept teaching peace and equality. Mandela led a life that symbolizes the triumph of human spirit. Latter in 1994, he led South Africa as President. It is people like Nelson Mandela that try and circumvent conflict even when a human is concerned. Martin Luther King was and African American that tried to end racial discrimination, which is a hug issue n our society today. He fought and stood up equality amongst all people. He was inspired of Gandhi’s success with non-violent activism. He stood up for what was right. He didn’t respond with violence but just spoke out publically. Conflict is everywhere, it is how it is dealt with that matters. The three great men dealt with conflict by teaching good values and principles, and proves that violence is not the only way to resolve conflict. Te Gallagher family encountered conflicts. When Michael was caught up with all the meetings , he was neglecting the family and there was no one to look after the family at home most of the times. In the

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