Conflict and Social Order Theory

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Social OrderAccording to the social order model, society is given a set of rules to regulate people behaviors and prevent anomie or "normlessness." Society serves the interests of all sharing, a strong set of norms and values, though not being able to adhere to these cause people to feel out of place. Most people accept this hierarchy as long as they see the system is fair. However, it is not fair, and this in turn becomes visible when it comes to occupations. Young people do not apply to specific jobs because they assume their qualifications are not well-built enough to obtain certain positions and therefore are exploited and oppressed in the workforce. Conflict TheoryThe conflict models expresses that people are constantly competing and…show more content…
Meryl Streep proved this by telling Anne Hathaway that reason she chose her sweater is because society, in this case the world of fashion, claims that the fashion and colour of the sweater is the "in" style. Meryl demonstrated that Anne chose a sweater without putting much thought into it, but in fact here thoughts were already shaped for her by what society had previously claimed to be the "in" style. Anne did not realize that the act of something as simple as choosing a sweater, because she liked the look or colour, was determined by previous causes that are external from her. This shows peoples actions are highly predictable and that human behaviors are the result of social causes and not of "free will."October 29, 2007How does a skeptical read of the article reveal contradictions and ambiguities about what the survey(s) is/are about?Does MacLean's provide an objective presentation of the findings of the survey?After reviewing the excerpt in Maclean's that claimed to reveal "the best and worst universities in Canada," using the two surveys the National Survey of Student Engagement and the Canadian Undergraduate Survey Consortium, it is reasonable to say that the results are unreliable. For one, the answers of the students are not facts but opinions. A university should not be labeled "good" or "bad" according to people's thoughts and judgments because these cannot be proven to be true or false. As
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