Conflict at Work

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Definition of Conflict “Interpersonal Conflict occurs between two or more persons when attitudes, motives, values, expectations or activities are incompatible and if those people perceive themselves to be in disagreement” (John Hunt, 1982) Conflict Theory Conflict theory talks about why people think and act the way they do and what conditions and causes influence a certain response in human behaviour. While there have been many different views on conflict theory and it has taken a multitude of different forms, it often seems that the Marxian theory is the one that represents the predominant example of conflict theory in sociological literature. The Marxist theory of conflict argues that there is a huge difference between social…show more content…
Competing * No change to my position * Clearly communicate my position * Most radical view is mine * Threats * “I know best” * Order | Collaborating * Work Together * Mutuality * Identify areas of disagreement * Find common Grounds * Jointly explore * Declare each other´s positions * Jointly problem solve | Compromising * Quick solution * Give and take * Find acceptable some way point * At what point will you be satisfied?· * At least both of us gets something | Avoiding * No wish for responsibility * Leave it till later * Not my problem * Cannot discuss this * Will not discuss this * Do not want to see your point | Accommodating * Give away * Concede * Agree with the others * Accept what you say * Non-threatening * Charming * From me to you * Work on your preferred outcomes | | Figure 1. Conflict handling skills: five modes (Adapted from Thomas, K.W. and Kilmann, R.H., 1974, Working in Organisations, Kakabadse, Bank & Vinnicombe, 2005) Advantages and Disadvantages of Conflict As conflict is created under disagreement and often disputation, it is natural to have negative impact. When people engage in misplaced competitive behavior, then the conflict comes and both the organization and individuals suffer. The difficulty of facing a conflict is that it can often be destructive and feels acutely uncomfortable to the
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