‘Conflict has a significant geographical impact on the area(s) affected.’ To what extent do you agree with this statement?

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Development indicators measure different aspects of a countries development. For example, life expectancy gives an idea of how long a person is expected to live in a particular country. The higher the life expectancy, the longer a person is expected to live and therefore you can make conclusions about the countries level of development can such as the country is likely to have good medical provision and public health. However, a high value does not necessarily indicate a high level of development. For example, a low number of people per doctor actually indicates a more developed country as does a low value for birth rate and death rate.
Conflict can affect the level of development in a country in a number of ways. Firstly, conflict is
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The impacts on health and tend to be more long term with hospital services being disrupted.
There are many impacts on the environment which occur during conflict, and many of these are due to the mass migrations which are a direct result. For example, large refugee camps can become established which generate vast quantities of waste, water courses can become contaminated and disease is easily spread. In addition, the setting alight of oil rigs during the conflict in Iraq which as a result has led to air pollution which has had both a local and a more widespread effect on air quality. During the Vietnam War, the US used a powerful herbicide and defoliant which they codenamed ‘Agent Orange' to strip the foliage from forested areas, meaning that soldiers were unable to hide there. The use of the chemical exposed many people to harmful dioxins, which can cause cancer and genetic defects.
Nevertheless did that mean that the war bought a positive impact on a country. For example, the Polish-German war resulted in the Polish government facing a breakdown in international trade which they were then forced to initiate a program of internal investment, which resulted in the growth of local production. Unemployment was reduced by a mass public works program proving that the war had a positive impact. Poland found new trade partners and a program of

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