Conflict in Crisis Management

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Compare and contrast productive (poiesis) and practical (praxis) activity and their importance to crisis management.
Poiesis refers to the productive act of actually doing something while praxis refers to training. Praxis can consist of various exercises or learning theoretical knowledge. Praxis is important because it can better prepare an individual to face challenges; especially in regard to a crisis. However, theoretical knowledge and training can only take someone so far. Gaining real world experience, the realm of poiesis, is incredibly valuable as well. Having experienced a crisis can better prepare someone by equipping them with the understanding of what it is like to be in a crisis situation.

How do differing paradigms relate to conflict in crisis management?
Differing paradigms have been proposed in regards to conflict in crisis management because the field is dynamic and constantly evolving in response to technological, cultural, social, and many other factors (Kemp, 2010). Furthermore, this question can be viewed from different angles and for different types of events. For example, a common question in the event of a man made crisis event, such as terrorism, is why people would want to become terrorists in the first place (Silke, 2003). Researching the psychological profiles can offer certain insights however this is only one perspective among many competing paradigms.

Explain the importance of definitions in crisis management and how they relate to
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