Conflict in Ireland Essay

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Conflict in Ireland Text Box: Ireland is to the west of Britain and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea and the Celtic Sea. Today Ireland is divided into two parts, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In 1921 the partition treaty was signed and was originally supposed to be temporary, it was an attempt to bring peace to Ireland. Currently there are mainly Unionists (Protestants) living in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland there are mainly Nationalists (Catholics) living in Northern Ireland. The unionists want to be governed by England's parliament however; the Nationalists in Northern Ireland do not. The Nationalists in the Republic are Independent and…show more content…
The I.R.B and the Irish Citizen Army realised this was the perfect opportunity and decided it would be the best time to take over Dublin and carry out their revolt; the aim being to get independence for Ireland and perhaps eve a united Ireland. The Ireland all Nationalists longed for. England would be using most of their men in Germany to fight, this mean that less attention would be paid to Ireland and fewer soldiers would be available to send out to Ireland. James Connolly and Pearse are seen as the leaders of the rising and in 1916 they took over the post office using violence. Other Nationalists who were fighting took over other important buildings where many British were based. During the Easter Rising there was a week of fierce street fighting and the British army fired two 18-pounder guns at close range in the streets, while the gunboat, Helga, fired shells from the river Liffey. The damage caused was colossal; fire almost completely destroyed Sackville Street. Unfortunately during the days leading up to the Easter Rising a ship had been found going towards Ireland by the British. The ship was coming from Germany and was importing ammunition to help aid the Irish with the Easter Rising. This meant that the British were more prepared and knew that some sort of uprising was planned to happen in Ireland. The capture
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