Essay about Conflict in Northern Ireland

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Conflict in Northern Ireland For over three decades there has been conflict in Ireland. The disagreement between the Republicans/Nationalist and Loyalist/unionists sill continues to this day. The key issue remains should the North stay part of the United Kingdom with its own developed assembly or should it join the south as part of a united and independent Ireland? Ireland is a small country and has a population of 1.5 million. Yet despite this small number, the north and south of Ireland have been in bitter conflict with each other which has been going on for decades. This is mainly due to the main difference in the beliefs of the people. The two main groups in Ireland are the…show more content…
The three main political groups for the nationalists are the SDLP (Social Democrats and Labour party), Sinn Fein and IRA (Irish republican army). The IRA is an extreme paramilitary group which beliefs that peace can only be obtained by violence and killing. This group has mainly been responsible for the killing of thousands of civilians. This group believes that the only way to stop British presence in Ireland and get their views across is to use force and aggression. After the Peace process of 1998 a small splinter group known as the ‘Real IRA’ was made. These were members of the IRA which were opposed to the Good Friday agreement and so split and formed there own group. Sinn Fein is one of the political parties that agree with the use of violence and what the IRA do. This group however does not get involved in the killing but elects candidates such as Gerry Adams to represent and put forward there views on what they believe to be right. The other main Nationalist party is the SDLP. Their main objective is also to have a united Ireland however unlike the other two groups it is fiercely opposed to violence and believe it is not the best way to reach an agreement. These moderate nationalists also want an independent Ireland, therefore they support the aims of the hard-line nationalists but they are opposed to the way they go about this. The hard-line nationalists use violence and
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