Conflict in Relationships

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According to Wilmot and Hocker the definition of conflict is “an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from others in achieving their goals.” Going off of this definition I believe the conflicts I have been enduring with my girlfriend falls verbatim to the text. My girlfriend and I have been together for a year now we met here at Ohio University, and we made the mutual decision at the beginning of last semester for her to move into my apartment. Since she has moved in we have had constant arguments and true conflict. We both love each other dearly and believe all the conflict is a result of how much we care about each other. Then again I think to…show more content…
I have found that we both depend on each other when I’m happy she is happy we make each other complete. She keeps me focused on what I want to accomplish in life and to not lose my faith through all the robust times. She needs me in many different ways besides just being a great boyfriend to her, but she uses my car for work and is living with me. Those are just a few material things but they are major in order to make her life easier. I believe what I don’t receive that creates a plethora of the problems is space; I have never lived with a girlfriend in the past this is new to the both of us and I believe she wants to give each other constant attention when it isn’t always needed. I love her dearly and tell her daily, but I don’t believe just because were in love and living together doesn’t mean we have to constantly be in each others face because we still have our separate lives to live. She tells me what she doesn’t receive is affection, and I constantly explained even early on in our relationship that I’m not that type of guy to just give constant affection. I include her in everything I do I barely hangout with my fellas because of her and I just feel like I need to also be able to be a guy and not just in the house giving her constant attention. Through all our conflicts the last thing I believe we are doing is getting in the way of each other’s goals. Since she has moved in
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