Conflict in Society

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Conflict in Society It is a day to day reality within contemporary society to witness constant conflict among and within social groups. Conflict seems to be an inevitable part of our society, as it is in many ways hard wired into our biological and psychological selves. Unfortunately, there are, and always will be, those within society who tend to thrive on conflict, political corruption, and inequality. There are several sociological theories which attest to how conflict and corruption will always be present within our society, including the theories of left realism and instrumental theory, which show how conflict will always be present in society because of our extreme socio-economic divides and our inability to work together for a common goal. However, still, if the political and social system provided better for those within society, there might well be much less crime especially white collar crimes that are so demonized by the legal system here in the United States. With less corruption and issues that impact the efficiency of how society provides for its citizens, there would undoubtedly be less crime and conflict within that particular society. White collar crimes are often "provoked by an extremely unfair social system and are more accurately interpreted as expressions of rage over unjust economic conditions than as actual crimes" (Siegel 198). In many ways, this runs true for other types of crime as well, including blue collar crimes where political and corporate
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