Conflict in the Middle East between 1948 and 1978

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Between 1948 and 1978 conflict erupted between the Israel and numerous Arab states such as Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. The conflict of the Middle East began shortly after Israel was declared a nation by the United Nations after world war two. The Middle East is an area of great strategic importance. It contains vital trade routes such as that of the Suez Canal, and is rich in oil or “black gold”, one of the most important resources of the world, and vital for a country to operate. The two super powers of the world at that point in time were engaged in the cold war, The USSR and USA therefore found the Middle East to be of great importance. They would not fight each other directly as atomic weapons would most likely be used, and therefore mutually assured destruction would come into being. They therefore used the Middle East conflict as an opportunity to fight war by proxy, done by supplying aid, weapons, training and advice to their supported countries and expanding their sphere of influence within the Middle East, so as to try get that area under their control. The USA was a great supporter of Israel due to her many Jewish links, her strong Jewish lobby, and thereby used her to increase her influence within the region. While the USSR supported the Arab states, in an attempt to increase her sphere of influence. Both the Arabs and Israelis were happy to have a greater superpower supporting them, as it gave them the resources to destroy the other side. However when Israel was
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