Conflict is a Major Issue in Othello

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Conflict is a major issue in Othello, the source for all the problems in the story all lead back to love and jealousy. Love can be an extremely powerful thing in life. It can easily draw two people closer together or simply destroy something that could have been great. Ironically similar, jealousy can tear something apart just as fast as love can. This timeless tragedy starts out in Venice, with a plot to attain revenge on Othello. Iago and Roderigo are simply jealous with the fact that Othello has promoted Cassio to his lieutenant instead of Iago, along with the bitterness they both shared towards Othello to begin with (Shakespeare for Students, Othello). Together, Iago and Roderigo have come up with a plan to ultimately push Othello …show more content…
Although Othello had claimed he would need much more that just a few intuitions, little would he know that his ‘friends’ were playing tricks with his mind. Even worse is that is was working like a charm. After a short time of Othello’s jealousy growing at a rapid rate, he demands proof of his wife’s lack of loyalty. Iago’s wife had retrieved Desdemona’s first gift from Othello ,which was a handkerchief, and claims that she had given it to Cassio. Othello has now really felt betrayed more than ever. He immediately gives Iago the task to take care of Cassio, meaning have him killed. One way or another Othello wanted Cassio dead, he could not bare the sight of him ever again. On the other side, Othello has already come up with the perfect plan to execute his own wife. In reality, Desdemona had simply dropped it and Iago’s wife took it to help with the next step in this intriguing strategy. Iago had set it in Cassio’s chamber, Cassio then gives it to his mistress Bianca. Later on Cassio and Iago are talking all about Bianca, little do they know Othello is eavesdropping around the corner. Little does Othello know, the woman the two men are ridiculing is not his so called dear wife, but Bianca. Now he is just infuriated worse than ever. Next Iago has tricked Roderigo into killing Cassio. Iago tells him that Othello is leaving rather soon and the only person that stands between him and Desdemona is dear
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