Conflict on a Trading Floor

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Brief background and context:

Junior salesperson ("Seth"), an assistant on the non-dollar derivative desk of FirstAmerica (“FA”), finds himself in a difficult situation and has to decide what course of action to take as relates to going along with misrepresenting material facts to a key client, Poseidon, in conjunction with their hedging of French Franks relating to the $700 million equivalent cost of the five year construction of a new cruise ship.

Seth is a relatively new employee at FA and was recruited by one of his key managers, a salesperson named Linda. Linda is asking Seth to “play along” with her questionable sales tactics so as to make the trading desk at FA a huge profit
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I would hope that I understand that fraud is being committed and could point this out to Linda and she would change her mind and begin to be more sensible about how she is going to actually price the transaction. If she does not change her mind, I would go to her Supervisor or Compliance and get them involved. And I would ask to be transferred to a new position with another
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