Conflict vs Consensus

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David Vader February 11, 2013 711 words SOC 102 - 001 Conflict vs. Consensus Within the study of human sociology, sociologists look through different lenses to view society. These lenses, or sociological paradigms, set a basis for the questions sociologists ask and provide different perspectives sociologists can take when attempting to explain humans and their societies. To display the diversity in which we may critique society, you can compare the two primary ways we approach sociology: social consensus and social conflict. To support my comparison I will outline information gathered in class and information from articles including Karl Marx’s “The Workings of Social Class” and Max Weber’s…show more content…
The [capitalists] has through its exploitation of the world market given a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption in every country.” Social conflict is seeing society as an unstable ring of competition. Social consensus, however, is like viewing society as a machine, where all the cogs and gears cooperate harmoniously to produce results. The division of labor between the working class and the capitalists on top is
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