Conflicting Opinions Over the Popular Front Government in Spanish Morocco

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After the ruling of the corrupt King Alfonso XIII and the horrible massacre the army faced when it was sent to Spanish Morocco, the progressive Popular Front government was elected. In 1936, with the promise of land reform, the conservative forces gathered to plan for resistance. The Spanish left wing, on the other hand, celebrated the elections so joyfully that made the conservative military officers, capitalists and churchman worried that a much broader reform would begin. Rumors of plotting for a military coup led the Republicans to send high – ranking military officers to remote postings in order to make communication and coordination between them more challenging. However, it was not enough, the planning for a military uprising continued. When the military coup failed to gain control of the entire country, the civil war started between the Nationalists and the Republicans. The Nationalists received aid from Italy ( at the time, fascist and under the control of *******) and from the Nazi Germany. The Republicans, however, received aid from the Soviet Union and from the International Brigades (composed of volunteers from Europe and the United States). The war was the result of the polarization of the Spanish life and politics that developed over the previous decades since it’s monarchic government. Roman Catholics, businessman and landowners were the most notable components of the Nationalist side. At the time, the Republic was considered to be a danger to the

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