Conflicting Perspectives

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This text will examine why this is likely to be the case.
Piss Christ
A good example would be the cross that Jesus is depicted as being crucified upon. Prior to that point, crucifixion was a common death penalty medium for thieves and murderers. However, the crucifixion of Jesus irrevocably changed what that death instruments means to billions of people that live now and have lived since. When a cross is depicted in modern artwork, the context is usually Christian in nature and most people are cognizant of that.
There are some people, even in modern times, that use a depiction of the cross in a controversial way or even as a pejorative. The notorious "Piss Christ", which was a crucifix submerged in urine, created such divergent and wide-ranging points of view but two were the most common.
The representation and meaning behind a holy symbol being submerged in bodily waste has such wide-ranging questions and theories that can be applied to it. Equally dense is the fact that religion is a whole is the antithesis of empirical and verifiable so the whole concept of whether a perspective is based on reality or is distorted is rendered basically moot because the "truth" is not something that…
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