Conflicting Styles Of Parenting Styles

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Conflicting Styles of Parenting Parents will treat their children the way they see fit. In the authoritarian parenting style, there is no room for freedom. In permissive parenting, there can be more freedom than the children know what to do with. Authoritative parenting combines the gist of both of the other styles and allows both freedom and structure. Both authoritarian and permissive styles have components that authoritarian parents see as productive methods if used properly. Many people associate authoritarian parenting with Asians. They often produce the people considered to be the smartest in our society. But authoritarians do not always produce children who are the best at something. Often times they are strict and shelter their children. My mother grew up in an authoritarian household. She was the oldest of ten children, so naturally they were the hardest on her. She was not allowed to wear pants or shorts to school until the fifth grade. They had a very strict set of rules and consequences that followed. Some of these consequences varied from not eating dinner to having to sleep on the roof or sidewalk. Some people may see this as cruel and unusual punishment, but to her parents, they were teaching their children a lesson. If they had to spend a night with a grumbling stomach or a cold night on the roof, they would think twice about mouthing off or leaving their clothes on the floor. Authoritarians are not punishing their children because they dislike them. They…
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