Conflicts And Fusions Of The United States

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Conflicts and fusions As we all know, the year 1865 was an essential year for people in the United States. It was also a beginning for American people to unify their countries and also a beginning for slaves’ freedom. However, it was also the year 1865 when American people lost a great leader, Abraham Lincoln. In Lincoln’ s 200th birthday, Obama said, “It 's a humbling task, marking the bicentennial of our 16th President 's birth-humbling for me in particular, because it 's fair to say that we presidency of this singular figure who we celebrate, in so many ways made my own story possible.”(Barrack Obama. President Obama Speaks at Lincoln’s 200th Birthday Dinner.#Page 2) Actually, Lincoln has cleared the obstacles about the second development of the capitalism in the United States. The conflict is the result of American history fusion, Of course, the history fusion can also lead to other kinds of fusions. What’s more, a history period for a country is a sediment for both cultural and economic development. So when people look back at their history, they will guide these sediments for the future. However, once there is more than a countries history flung into a big melting pot, it must be conflicts in the pot. Then, with unceasing frictions, a new kind of history for a new country would be inoculated and it would also produce a new kind of economic and cultural fusion. For example, the modern America is such a melting pot country with conflicts and fusions. Although the
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