Conflicts Between Science and Religion

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Introduction - In science, evolution is one of the basic templates for understanding the biology of an organism or ecological unit. Essentially, it is the change in inherited traits of a population through a process called natural selection in which only the strongest traits are appropriately adapted to the environment in question. Those traits from parents who are healthier and live longer are then passed down to future generations where the traits are amplified if the organism thrives. Evolution, then, is the product of two opposing forces: variation in traits and mutation (Pickrell). Ironically, both Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace almost concurrently developed this theory in the early to mid-19th century. Even though Darwin could not explain all the scientific details of the process, but to beat Wallace to publication, release On the Origin of Species in 1858. This literally polarized the world within a few months after its release, many seeking to utilize the basic premise in a number of academic disciplines (The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online). The terms scientific creationism or intelligent design theory are relatively recent explanations of an older ideology. As soon as Origin of Species was published it became a clear focus for attacks from the religious world who asserted that the Bible was a literal document. The apex of this movement came in the early part of the 20th century where a number of U.S. States, mostly Southern "Bible Belt" states,
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