Conflicts Between The Ottoman And Habsburg Empires

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In this essay I will break down and give background on the conflicts between the Ottoman and Habsburg Empires. I will compare and contrast a few of the economical differences between these empires. The Ottoman and Habsburg Empires were two well recognized empires of the 1400’s. They were conquerors with fairly large imperial goals. Though both of them were strong and formidable, they both had their own share of weaknesses. The Ottoman Empire was more than capable of holding their own on land, but when it came to the waters, the Habsburg held the upper hand. This come from the Habsburg looking to the seas for expansion. This is how they became advantageous across the sea. The Ottoman Empire is almost directly correlated to the decline of Byzantium. The Ottomans had men stationed in nearly 100 forts and 100 castles. Doing this enabled him to maintain pressure on the Christian infidels out east. The Ottoman Empire had not had their own foothold until around 1354, when they got a hold of a peninsula roughly 100 miles southwest of Constantinople. When this was accomplished, it was recognized that the time of the Ottomans conquering Constantinople was edging closer and closer. Using their superiority, intellect and vast numbers the Ottomans attacked the weakest part of the Byzantine defense, the west walls of Constantinople. The Ottoman Empire was very strong and some had seen them as bullies. Through numerous victories the Ottomans had become blind. They were distracted by their
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