Conflicts During World War II

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One of the conflicts in United States history that we have covered in class was World War II. When Germany decided to invade Poland, Great Britain and France declared war against Germany. United States Allies like Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and France found themselves in the middle of a conflict with Germany. At the beginning, the United States decided to keep away from the conflict, and adopted isolationism. Even after the United States decided isolationism, they could not stay away from the conflict. For one, they understood Great Britain needed help. Second, they tried to keep diplomatic relations with Germany even after they killed Americans aboard civilians’ cargo ships with their U-boats. Furthermore they kept diplomatic…show more content…
President Roosevelt found himself fighting a war with two fronts. The United States and Great Britain decided to confront Japan first and secure the Pacific Islands and secure North Africa as well, before putting full force against Germany. That decision did not sit well with Stalin, who wanted to oppose Germany to secure the Soviet’s front first. The invasion in Normandy from the Allies forces was successful, and secured France from the Germans. This marked the beginning of the end for the Germans’ occupation in France, and eventually their demise. Meanwhile, the United States was still fighting Japan and asked Japan to completely surrender, but Japan was not willing to submit. Japan’s resistance forced President Truman to make a decision, and dropped two atomic bombs first in Hiroshima, and then in Nagasaki. After the second bomb, Japan surrendered and the United States won the war. The long-term impact after World War II was the cold war with the Soviet Union. Germany was divided into Allies Democratic and a Soviet Union Communist. Lastly, the United States has a better comprehension of what an Atomic weapon is capable of doing after the destruction of Hiroshima and
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