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Conflict Resolution
Delonna Reed
ANT101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Tracy Samperio
September 26, 2016

Abstract Within a neighboring community, compromise and sacrifice are a thing of necessity and need not be considered advantageous. A very good example will that which is displayed among the people of the Hadza and Zapotec cultures which profoundly are different in how go about living their daily life?s but still share a great similarity in how the resolve their conflicts. In the course of this paper, struggle within the two viewpoint culture and community will be discussed. According to Crapo (2013), culture is defined as ?a way of life of any individual or group of individuals.? For the two cultures identified, conflict resolution is not based on language, cultural failure or customs as the have nothing in common in those respect. The overall good of parties involved is the main reason why compromise is reached. According to Durham (1992), ?it is economically important that each culture rely on conflict resolution as opposed to other less productive measures that could lead to a less desirous outcome or even risk catastrophic loss.? Just as Crapo (2013) stated, ?Communication is a key element in any society when attempting to resolve conflicts that may arise among its societal members.? In a study of language and evolution among families and communities conducted by Durham (1992),…

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