Conflicts Within The Workplace Are Inevitable

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BUS 3021 Theme 1 Conflicts in Organisations
Conflicts within the workplace are inevitable. Conflict is ever present for organisations and how these conflicts are dealt with defies the difference between how they operate. In this essay I will be considering organisational conflicts and discuss whether conflict is something organisations can resolve. I will be discussing the nature of work and how this impacts on individual’s in their everyday organisational life.

Due to the current climate the government has introduced austerity measures in response which have limited pay for workers in the public sector, in some instances pension provision. The outcome leading to strikes and other forms of industrial actions which could be stated as a form of conflict. However, if the causes of conflict can be seen as residing in macro-economic policies, then how can we expect organisations who have no control or effective input into policy to manage or resolve the resultant conflict? This essay will critically review the causes of conflict and argue many sources of conflict are created by the economic and governmental policies which engrain conflict into industrial everyday operations.

In the workplaces today and the ever changing internal and external environmental factors, there are inevitable conflicts inside organisations, if that be among employees or between employees and employers. This is because of increased teamwork, new organisational arrangements and external political
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