Conflicts in the Middle East between 1949 and 1973

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the conflict in the middle east between 1948-1973 was not purely fuelled by the interest and concerns of the superpowers but rather of a series of conflictual incidents, aswell as the main wars that took place from the years from 1948-1967 such as the: 1948 War, The Six Day War of 1967 and the Yom Kippur war of 1973. But although the conflict was not fuelled by the superpowers, the influence of the superpowers and the reach of the superpowers into the Middle East was evident in the years both prior and following 1978. But even despite the influence and interests of the superpowers between and including 1948-1967 being undeniably evident, the extent of this influence cannot be said to have “fuelled the conflict”. *length The 1948 War was a war purely provoked by means of conflict between the Arab world and the state of Israel and can be is the start of the conflict and tension to follow, the 1948 war was essentially built on the foundation of the Arab states attacking Israel in an attempt to crush her existence and although there was no superpower influence in this war there was a small superpower involvement in the middle east at this stage which can be seen in the Partition plan of 1947, a document created by the UN which both the USSR and the USA were involved in creating. The UN partition plan of 1947, also known as Resolution 181 was essentially what sparked the tension, and later conflict between the Arab states and what is now Israel as what it tried to
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