Conformation to the Supreme Court Essay

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The appointment and conformation to the Supreme Court has become on of the most sought after and most prestigious positions in the U.S. Government. In the past two hundred years the Supreme Court has changed in many different ways and with each decision affecting the delicate balance of the U.S. legal system the appointment of justices has become a very watched over subject. In all conformation and appointment to the Supreme Court there is politics involved but with each presiding president their agenda is focused towards appointing a justice that expresses their ideas on the court.
The Appointment process is delegated to the president in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution and states, “shall nominate,
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Some justices have even held congressional positions. In 1908-1912 William H. Taft was president afterward he was appointed to the Court and then was named chief justice in 1921.
Before 1936 there was a religious biased to the court in that all of the justices that were appointed were protestant. When Andrew Jackson appointed Roger B. Taney a catholic it broke the protestant preeminence on the court.4 Another misrepresentation to the Supreme Court was the geographical. In the courts pre-civil war history it was assumed that each region should have representation on the court, meaning that the larger more populous states like Virginia, New York, and Massachusetts should have a seat on the court. After the Civil war this tradition faded with the expansion of the United States.2
A total of six justices have been born out of the United States all of whom served on the court before 1940. The first Justice to be born outside the United States was James Wilson, in1742 and came to America as a young man from Scotland. He was an original signer of the Declaration of Independence and a member of the 1787 Constitutional Convention; he was also one of the original members of the Supreme Court. One of the most important was George Sutherland who came here from England and became a justice in 1922 and was well known for constantly voting against most of Franklin
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