Conforming Countries, The American Way

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Conforming Countries, The American Way Colleges all over the United States have a variety of foreign language programs, cultural events, and study abroad programs to help American students have a better understanding of other cultures, languages, and geographical landmarks. Each of these elements are very distinctive to one’s every day life. Languages, cultures, and geographical landmarks distinguish one’s characteristics. An individual’s characteristics define their human identity and their purpose in life. Apart from one’s daily life, others display their characteristics on social media whether it is their religion, beliefs, morals, or personality to visually express how one feels about their own human identity. Today’s modern society connects with other countries mainly by social media, but does not get a full understanding of how others around the world go about his or her daily agenda. College students throughout the United States have various different ways to apply the American culture to other countries by arranging the same types of programs in colleges around the world. College students can introduce the English language by providing more programs in colleges throughout the world and enforcing the program to be a requirement to obtain the desired degree one must wish to acquire. Although many countries already have an English language programs, providing more programs to colleges who do not have the English language program and enforcing the course as a
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