Conforming The Inner Man Chapter 1 Summary

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The book Transforming the Inner Man gave me a greater understanding that were very helpful to me. In chapter three on Performance Orientation on page 44, John and Paula Sanford talked about performance orientation which refers neither to the work we do nor the things we accomplish, but to the false motives which impel us. I learned performance orientation is an attitude not a set of behaviors. It is an acceptance of lies about myself, built into myself from infancy. I realized I am angry that I must perform to earn everybody's (including God's) love, affection, appreciation, admiration and acceptance. I realize I will never be good enough, smart enough, attractive, worthy, deserving, or lovable enough to earn it. I realized my anger is often suppressed and I may rebel by sabotaging successes in order to fail.
In chapter eight Bitter-Root Judgment and Expectancy page 148, John and Paula Sanford mentioned the law of sowing and reaping adds another dimension. I realized I do not sow one seed and get back one seed. All things increase in God’s kingdom. God desires increase in all beneficial things. I realized just as a tiny mustard seed grows to produce a large tree, so a seed of judgment sown increases the longer it remains unrecognized and unrepented of. So I sow a tiny judgment and reap again and
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Physicians are trained to examine meticulously for certain possible conditions routinely, especially in first interviews. So also do dentists, chiropractors, and other professionals. I routinely ask questions concerning early childhood, checking to see whether bitter roots lie behind conditions. I realize the need to forgive others, but I did go the extra step of examining my heart to see if I made a bitter judgment (perhaps long ago) at the time of the hurtful offense. If I did, I need to expose the root of
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