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6 Signs You Are A Conformist Several studies suggest that human brain looks at social disapproval as danger and finds act of conforming more pleasant. Although conformity refers to a human’s tendency to follow the unstated behaviors or rules of the social group to which they belong, it can be sometimes challenging to decide if someone is a conformist or a non-conformist. The information given below will enlighten you about the six signs to look for in yourself if you want to find whether you are a conformist or not. 1. You give more respect to other peoples’ opinions. When you don’t know how to answer a basic question without taking other peoples’ advice, it means you could be a conformist. It’s commonly observed that conformists…show more content…
For example, most of the times they will follow a religion because their parents and other family members are followers of that religion. Therefore, if you have joined organizations only to make sure that others around you will treat you fairly, or because you think that joining such organizations will enhance your acceptance in the society, you are a conformist. 5. You don’t stand-up against discrimination. If you see something wrong done to you or to others and don’t do anything about it, you are a conformist. Whether a conformist thinks that they are too powerless to stop something wrong, or that what’s happening is the norm of the society, the reality is, they are afraid of questioning the actions of others. This is primarily because they fear challenging the society and losing their social acceptance. Conformists have the habit of thinking inside the box. Therefore, they hardly ever inquire or question what’s happening around them, even if they believe what’s happening is wrong. This belief in them is an extension of their habit of following every tradition, rule and even idea that has been taught to them since childhood. Therefore, conformists try do everything exactly as everybody else has done, and take special care that they are not deviated from that path. 6. You idolize the media. If you are an avid watcher of television and believe that everything that you hear and see on television news is completely true, you are
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