Conformity, Both a Good Thing and a Bad One

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Conformity can be a really good thing or it can be a bad thing. It really all depends on what you are conforming to, or how you are conforming. According to conformity is the action in accord with prevailing social standards, attitudes, practices (2). Most people would say that conforming is bad, but if there is two sides to everything. If you are going to conform for the sake of the law then it is a good thing. Or if you conform to a specific religion then conforming is a really good thing. On the other side of this you can conform and it could be really bad. You can be asked to conform to a specific situation that can true out bad. Conforming in your values and/or beliefs is a bad thing. It is described this way in, The Psychological Explanation of Conformity: “Conformity occurs when the subject demonstrates the same behavior or attitude as the object. The subject is the individual who conforms. The object(s) may be individuals, groups, organizations, policies, rules and regulations, or the experience or natural instinct of the subject. Conformity is divided into 2 categories: irrational conformity (herd behavior) and rational conformity (abidance, compliance, and obedience). In this study we explain the meaning of abidance, compliance, obedience, and herd behavior. The conclusions have implications in the fields of commerce, education, service, politics, management, religion, and more.” (3) As you can see there is more to conformity than first
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