Conformity In A Pluralistic Family

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My family is one that values high conversation but low conformity. Thus, we fall underneath a pluralistic family. We are all very open with each other, and understand that we all have differing view on things. However, we don’t expect anyone to bend and conform to our will. For example, my brother has wanted to be a marine all his life. I didn’t see it as a great life choice because of the amount of time he would be away from family, and the risk of death that he would openly purse. I discussed all the cons with him, trying to get him to understand my viewpoint on why he shouldn’t join. However, he was adamant about his decision and proceeded to list all the reasons he personally wanted to join. At that time, our arguments were on two different specters. However, we respected each other enough to listen to the others side. Ideally, I would have like him to conform and listen to what I said. However, I knew I couldn’t expect him to conform to my…show more content…
My parents have two different styles. My mom grew up in a pluralistic family, so she adopted the same style into our family. However, my father grew up in a protective family. They didn’t really talk about much. You were expected to do as you were told with no questions asked. I noticed that whenever my dad was dealing with us alone he defaulted to the protective style. However, I tend to think that my mother has a stronger influence on the family. So, whenever they are both in the picture the predominate style tends to be pluralistic style. Occasionally, you will see my dad trying to impart his style of communication on us. However, my mother usually comes in and tries to open the discussion to find an amicable way to communicate. Which in turn allows everyone’s voices to be heard regardless of the situation. Of course, as we started to grow older we began to adopt this style as well. Since we felt that it gave us a voice to speak up in our family without fear of being
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