Conformity Is The Most Popular Form Of Conformity

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As Dr. Seuss once said, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don 't matter and those who matter don 't mind.” Through this quote, the foundation of conformity is uprooted from its murky hovel and is disputed with. Despite, though, how many people preach these words, they still succumb to the mind numbing effects without even realizing it, because they are not fully aware of the causes of this topic. That is why one needs to understand the causes of conformity before preventing the effects. The three causes of conformity include: changing how one acts to avoid the rejection of their peers, depending on other people 's’ opinions because they are oblivious to a certain topic, and conforming to something based on social characteristics. Changing how one acts to fit in better with a group, or normative conformity, is the most popular form of conformity in the world today. According to Philip G. Zimbardo, a Professor of Psychology at Stanford University: “Normative Conformity, is when we are concerned about making a good impression in front of a group. Though we may disagree secretly with the group opinion, we may verbally adopt the group stance so that we seem like a team player rather than a deviant.” When a child (for this purpose he or she will be called the ‘green child’) is excluded from the play two other children, the green child blames his/ her exclusion based on something they did or who they are as a person. The green child is then tempted to…
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