Confronting Childhood Obesity Analysis

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently showcased the immense amount of children suffering obesity. Obesity is a condition in which a person is excessively overweight. In the past twenty-five years the number of children who are obese has doubled for those who are of the ages of two to eleven and tripled for those who are twelve to nineteen. Many reasons exist for why a obesity exists, but “Confronting Childhood Obesity” emphasizes environmental causes at home and school that will eventually lead to many health issues for children.
The lack of healthy food is a common reason for an obese child. Families in poorer communities had very little access to fresh fruits and vegetables due to the high prices. Cheaper, dessert like foods, such as chips and cookies are easier to buy in order to stay in the budget. In addition, urban communities are being overtaken by fast food establishments. These may provide a cheaper meal for poor families, but have …show more content…

Parents scan campaign for the elimination of vending machines on school property so students are encouraged to pack their own healthier snacks. Along with meal changes, a change must be made in children’s exercise habits. Television and video games need to be limited and outdoor time must be increased. Even a little bit of time outside everyday can have drastic effects on a child’s health in the long run.
In conclusion, the number of children in the United States who are obese has reached new heights. A change must be made in order for the trend to reverse. Obesity can not be acceptable in the country if it wants to continue to prosper. Obesity has many negative effects on a child’s health, some of which are irreversible. The obesity rate in this country is continuing to heighten, and all members of the community must come together in order for our children to excel in the

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