Confronting Violence by Takyiwaa Manuh and Adolf Awuku Bekoe

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Confronting Violence, as it is stated in the name is discussed how women are often confronted with gender based violence; such as trafficking of women and girls, prostitutes, and slavery. Such violence and abuse violates women’s human rights and prevent to be an actual human being in society. According to the global statistics, one in every three women has experienced abuse in her life; such as being coerced into sex, been beaten, or abused. Also 7 to 48 percent of girls and women, ages from 10 to 24, have reported their first sexual encounter was through coerced; with the risks of having sexual transmitted diseases. With that being said, let not forget how culture and values impact women. Such as the naming and shaming songs, that use derogatory adjectives that violate the body and mental integrity that one have. It also mentions violence that women go through in the global south. Such violence, consent of an intimate partner and family members that inflicts defilement to the gender; female gender mutilation, sexual harassment, rape, and women being stopped from reaching their full potential. With this being said, a lot of gender based violence has been global attention after the women’s movement and feminist organizations have brought awareness of such issues. Nevertheless let not forget this is only half the battle, one of the many reasons why women have not brought perpetrator to justice, is because of the high cost. Many countries are underfunded, and not able to

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