Confucianism, Buddhism, And Beliefs Of Gods

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In this Essay I will be discussing Confucianism. By some people’s viewpoint Confucianism is a religion and by others viewpoints it is a philosophy. This is because Confucianism does not worship a God, or higher being, and they do not perform specific practices or many rituals. The famous philosopher Confucius founded Confucianism in the 5th Century BC in China. In this essay I will be focusing on three aspects of religion in Confucianism: Teachings, Rituals, and beliefs of Gods, or Supernatural beings. Confucianism focuses on the person and posses no expression of a God, or higher being. Followers of Confucianism lifestyle consist of schooling and exhibiting a positive, kind and warmhearted demeanor. Although Confucians do not follow certain rituals or practices they express the same importance or values for bettering one’s life and spreading love as other religions. The religion I chose to talk about was Confucianism. I chose to talk about Confucianism because it embodies the famous philosopher Confucian. I admire Confucius because of his takes on the world and his way of Life. Confucius, also called Master Kong, was the founder of Confucianism. He founded Confucianism in the 5th century BC in China (Religion Facts, 2015). Currently there are about Five to Six Million adherents/ followers (Robinson, 2015). Confucianism adherents/followers are called Confucians or Confucianists (Religion Facts, 2015). Confucianism is in the top ten largest world religions (Infoplease,
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