Confucianism Rituals And Sacrifices Of Buddhism

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Confucianism Rituals and Sacrifices
Ashton Clayton

Confucianism Rituals and Sacrifices
Ritual is a religious ceremony that involves a series of activities performed in a particular order by those who subscribe to the religion. Sacrifice is the act of giving something to a supernatural being to please it. The word sacrifice also means the offering given to the supernatural human being. The essay is going to discuss rituals and sacrifices in Confucianism, which is one the largest religion in China.
In the Confucianism religion, rituals are held to bring people together. The core unifying factor of rituals is worship. One of the oldest rituals in the Confucian is the worship of the ancestors. Confucians took ancestors worship as a source of their moral and spiritual fulfillment something that brought harmony in the society. The rise of Han dynasty in 202 BC, endorsed Confucianism as a leadership ideology, and it came with the incorporation of the ancestors worship (Dubs, 1938). Shrines to ancestors mostly consisted of pictures of the dead elders and to show respect to them, one was required to clasp incense in the hand and kneel before the picture to place the burning incense in the holder. Ancestors are taken to be a link to the Supreme Being and the people. The respect for the dead was caused by the belief that a person has two souls, namely hun and po. The two souls are associated with yang and yin…
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