Confucianism, The Philosophical Ideas Of Kong Qiu

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Confucianism, the philosophical ideas of Kong Qiu (551-479 BCE), or Confucius, has made a great impact on China’s history. His ideas came to pragmatic use since the rise of the Han Dynasty. Since then, political reforms and changes of China’s state has caused them to adopt and abandon it continuously. Confucius’s ideas still exists in other Asian countries too, like South Korea, where Confucianism passively saturates the daily lives and practices of South Koreans. But the country at hand is China. China’s current government is controlled by the CCP, or Communist Party of China. Nonetheless, Since Marxist China, China has gradually turned to democratic and capitalistic principles. But would Confucianism, a more socially ethic for of government and principles be better as opposed to a liberal, Western form of government? Theoretically, with the population of China, almost of ⅕ of the world’s population, a Confucian type government would be a viable one, but maybe not a desirable one, although popular. Still, the ideals would influence China’s people by a larger scale, bringing a revival of Confucianism that will be greater than ever. Traditional Confucianism focuses on social ethics, encouraged and exemplified by the government. Benevolence towards each other and strong will for the well being of others was greatly motivated by the teachings of Confucius. The emphasis on the education by the “ru” was an important aspect in creating the ideal cadres and rulers of
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