Confucius' Beliefs and Teachings

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Confucius' teaching with regard to the ideal person is focused on describing this individual as someone who is willing to act in accordance with moral laws and with the way of the heavens. He believed that people needed to be judged on account of their merits rather than on their financial status. Confucian teaching promotes the belief that education is one of the most important concepts in society and that an educated individual is more likely to have an improved personality and to gain a more complex understanding of the world as a result of his or her knowledge.
Humanity is the most significant element in Confucian thought and it supports the belief that there are five primary concepts that a person needs to consider in order for him or her to become the ideal individual. Ren is meant to portray humanity. Yi represents the honesty that the respective person needs to employ. Li is the ritual that he or she needs to take into account. Zhi stands as the knowledge that is essential in order to achieve the ideal state. Xin is the integrity that a person has to employ as he or she struggles to be in accordance with the Confucian understanding of the ideal individual.
While some people might be inclined to believe that such thinking promotes pessimism as individuals realize that it is very difficult and almost impossible for them to become ideal persons, the reality is that Confucianism is actually optimistic with regard to human nature. The fact that it promotes these values
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