Confused Congregation By William Shakespeare

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Confused Congregation During Shakespeare’s time, the Protestant religion was required to be followed by law. This protestant religion provided the view to its followers that their lives were controlled by a predestined fate. The people were totally helpless in their movements in their lives who already had a path laid out in front of them and they could do nothing to divert the path. This truth of the protestant movement was in a constant rivalry with the opposing view of Catholicism. The catholic view and belief is that the path of life is freely chosen not dependent or controlled by some force or fate. This struggle and this confusion with which religion, with its two opposing factors of fate versus free will along with their contrasting ornate and historic ceremony and traditions, is seen and demonstrated in all its glory by the characters and plot in many of Shakespeare’s plays. This confusion, due to the flip-flopping of religions and the nostalgia involved as one religion is replaced with another in a seemingly unending cycle during Shakespeare’s time, creates the hodgepodge religious backdrop for his plays. The struggle of religion was real during Shakespeare’s time. The constant back and forth of the protestant and catholic views stemmed straight from the top. The monarch of England was calling the shots of which religion was best for England based on the monarch’s own advantages or disadvantages of each religion. Queen Mary I (1553) believed in Catholicism and

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