Congo Peafowl Research Paper

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Congo Peafowl
Congo peacock are also called “Mbulu” by Congolese, native to Congo basin. the male Peacocks of Congo does not display his covert feathers, but uses his actual tail feathers during courtship displays. The feathers of Congo Peafowl are much shorter than those of the Indian and green peafowl, and the ocelli are much less pronounced. Male’s feathers are deep blue with a violet and metallic green tinge. Its crown is decorate with vertical white elongated hairs like feathers.
Albino Peafowl
Occasionally, peafowl also found in white plumage. Although white (Albino) peafowl do exist, this is quite rare and almost all white peafowl are not Albino, in fact they have a genetic mutation called leucism which causes reduction of melanin in
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