Congress And The Agencies : The National Emergency Act

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In chapter 3, titled “Congress and the Agencies”, we learn of a few of the many laws, processes and agencies that have been created to better prepare the United States for a national emergency. Since the origins of the United States, the President has always been the lead on emergencies that required attention by the federal government, but the legislative and judicial branches of the government have become more and more involved in making sure that it is done constitutionally. One of the main reasons for this is because of the statutes that have been created because of the response to emergencies. These statutes have been separated into three separate categories.
The National Emergency Act is the first actually written law that outlined the power that the executive branch (President of the United States) had when an emergency requiring the federal government’s intervention has happened. This is the first statute. Since its creation, the National Emergency Act has outlined the process in which the president must take to actually declare an emergency. During the 1970’s is when the legislative branch decided to look into making procedures such as this one uniform. In 1973, a committee put together by congress started to look into national emergencies and emergency powers of the executive branch. They had found that there were approximately 470 laws that somehow delegated the powers of government during times of national emergency. This is why the National Emergency Act,…
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