Congress District 12 Essay

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1 Kandel
Bikal Kandel GOVT 2306 Sherry Sharifian 30 September 17 Democrat or not to Democrat
For this project, we had to know our district and who is representing us on the house and state senate. 2 The Texas US Senators are Senator John Cornyn and Senator Ted Cruz. The Congress District 12 is represented be Congressman Kay Granger from the Republican Party since 1996. The Congress District 12 is Gerrymander. According to the states, “Congressman Kay Granger is representing the total population of 728,142 according to the census of 2010 where 66.5 percent are Anglos, African Americans 6.1 percent, Hispanics 23.7 percent and other 3.9 percent. Kay Granger was elected as a Congressman for the 10th consecutive time as a member of the Republican Party. Congress District 12 is evenly distrusted in terms of male and female population; 50.6 percentage of female and 49.4 percentage of the male. With the median household income of 62,214 per annum. Congress district 12 is considered pretty wealthy district with unemployment rat just under 9 percent. Furthermore, Congress district 12 was voted the most loveable are in the country in 2004 which has a strong education system with 88.0 percentage of High School Rate of Graduation and 29.9 percentage of bachelor’s degree or higher”.
Furthermore, to see where I stand in
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Abortion should be legal and more people should support a woman who wants to get an abortion. Abortion should be women’s right and no one should force to make them think otherwise. As reported by Texas Democratic Party Platform, “Democratic Party is in favor of abortion they think nobody should tell women if she can or cannot get rid of a baby it is completely their own choice”. On the other hand, Republican Party of Texas states that “Republican Party opposes this viewpoint they believe it is a human life and one is ending their life against their own
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