Congress : Getting The Job Done?

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Congress: Getting the Job Done? Congress. A word that comes with it, feelings of anger, hope and, frustration to most people. The United States Congress was created to represent and govern the citizens of the United States of America. In doing so it has done a remarkable job. The past 200 years of this country proves this. In recent years though, Congress has gained the reputation of being indifferent in creating and passing laws. Many factors come in to effect in supporting this claim. Republican and democratic congressman are constantly fighting over laws and proposals. Each wanting to be loyal to their own party without compromise. There 's also the constant beating of elections (Every 2 years in The House of Representatives, 6…show more content…
They must study and seek advice on an amount of issues and act as an ambassador from the nation 's capital to their local town or district. They have to do all these jobs all while acting as a person to reunite political sides. Whether it is in congressional committees drafting legislation or in town meetings back home. The role of member of a congress is to provide political leadership to reconcile different points of view and to bring about progress when the debate has gone on long enough. Presently in today 's congress, the job of congressman/woman is becoming very difficult. With the senate being controlled by democrats and the House of Representatives being controlled by Republican. The part of the Job to be a consensus builder is proved to be very long and difficult. Two very different political parties with very different political ideas. Agreeing on such ideas between the two can be long and tedious. Especially when drafting and creating laws. This disagreement between parties can be be interpreted by the public and especially the media as Congress being lazy and doing nothing.So what are they actually doing? Why does Congress seem to be doing nothing? The answer is not whether congress’s has good work ethic , because according to a recent article in USA Today a congressman works on average 70 hours a week while in Washington and a 59 hour week while back in their home districts.(Korte) The 112th congress, are now Congress
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