Congressional Advice : District 7th Congressional Election

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Congressional Advice: District 7th Congressional Election Reelection is known to be the major goal on the mind of any congress member and many will go to major lengths in hopes of winning a seat in congress or just maintaining it. Today in age Congress is known for being more polarized that 's it 's ever been in the past 20 years and the number of safe seat district diminishes every election. There are many things to take into account when running for a district seat, such as committee assignments, what topics a candidate should emphasize and which they should avoid, as well as how to go about the campaign and their opponent. I have chosen to be the advisor of Jack Wolfman, a veteran Democrat, for the 7th Congressional District in the Midwestern State of Transylvania during the elections of 2016. He has had much experience in being a district representative and believe that he has an advantage when running in 2016. Not only has he had the experience for six terms, his numbers, even when losing, were still impressive. Since when he first ran in 2000, he has not had less than 45% of the vote. It is obvious to see that the constituents are very familiar with him and he has been able to get work done when he help congressional office. He was Committee Chair of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee. So I believe that his chances of newly maintaining office are just election away, not only is he a qualified candidate, he is also a candidate that had already done work for his
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