Congressional Members By Income Analysis

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Congressional Members by Income
In published reports, the median net worth of Americans in general, declined by ten percent between 2004 and 2010. In sharp contrast, the median net worth of Congressional members increased by fifteen percent during the same time period (Hutchinson 1). Hutchinson’s report demonstrates the insulation that members of Congress are afforded in times of economic downturn. With the median net worth of $913,000, Congressional members are spared the impact of harmful economic events such as increases in basic necessities such as milk, fuel, and utilities such as heat and water.
In 2004, Democrats had a median net worth of $646,003, while Republicans had a reported median net worth of $932,024; by 2010, that disparity has all but disappeared (A close-up look at congressional wealth 2). While millionaires in the American population make up one percent, sixty-six percent of senators are millionaires (Condon, 3). The public is growing increasing mistrustful of our government, which is perceived as uncaring about the general struggles its people.
National unemployment stayed at eight percent for longer than 28 months (Condon, 4), and shortages in the budget for programs such as food stamps and healthcare, provide a wider gap in what is perceived as privileges for the haves and that have nots. Bailouts of large corporations and scandals such as General Motors’ failing to recall defective cars while the government assisted them with covering up their…
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