Congressional Term Limit Analysis

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Our American democratic system is effective by its definition being “to the degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result.” In the Federalist Papers, Hamilton, Jay, and Madison, outlined the reasoning behind the system of government set up by our Constitution. Madison states in Federalist 10 that an “extended republic” is the key to “controlling the effects” of factions. (3). Madison believed, as did many other Founders, that government is created to protect the diverse interests of the people. This means government should not be controlled by the majority as every interest counts, even the minority’s. This is the system of American democracy, created through the implementation of a constitutional republic. Through checks…show more content…
To bring about much needed change in Congress, we must implement congressional term limits. It was asked, “do Americans [really] want lawmakers considering matters of long-term political advancement when addressing critical issues in the present?” (4) One who addresses an issue with the “thought of obtaining a committee chairmanship six years from now is not conducive to addressing the problem now” (4). While it may seem beneficial to continue electing congressmen who have many years of experience, is it really beneficial to the public good when decisions are based on winning support of a majority of people who are uninformed, irrational, passion-driven, and bias voters? It is the job of a congressman to be informed and make rational decisions on problems in order to better our country. If they are focused on re-election, they may make a decision, while pleasing to his/her constituents, that may do more harm than good to the public or may not even solve a problem in the slightest. Congressmen worried about re-election are also less likely to decide on issues that may make a major change in policy, no matter the benefits, as people generally like the status-quo. With limited terms, representatives would view their time in Congress about making a difference for the public good now, rather than maintaining political power in the

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