Congressman Fred Upton Essay

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Congressman Fred Upton is the Republican representative for the sixth district in southwestern Michigan. Being this, he is responsible for the interests of Berrien, Kalamazoo, Cass, St. Joseph, and Van Buren counties, along with most of Allegan County. This specific area of Michigan is extremely agricultural, and is the home of many farms that date back for generations, thus many of Upton’s focuses are on not only the agricultural side of policy, but the citizens that work the ground themselves. That being said, Congressman Upton is very focused on the ins and outs of national policy as well as the local. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Michigan’s sixth district is a very agricultural area and thus puts high priority on the environment…show more content…
It is described as being a wonderful place for families and businesses alike, as well as a place of relaxation and exploration; a utopia, for lack of a better word. The industrial and agricultural community is also a thriving portion of the area and contributes heavily to the local economy and overall sense of brotherhood. I can personally vouch for this same description due to the fact that I lived this area for nearly eight years while I was growing up. Though the snow and weather can sometimes be a bit of a drag, its people are what holds it together; hardworking, caring, genuine people. Upton conveys the fact that he is very focused on serving his district in any way possible. From finding federal grants available to the citizens of each city, and applying to military service academies, to internships for any college student in the area who is interested in politics. Altogether, Congressman Fred Upton seems to be a stand up guy, focusing on multiple facets of the government in a way that many of his Congressional counterparts should take note of. He has reached across the aisle on multiple occasions in order to further his noble initiatives, and values his district deeply. Though his focus tends to lean closer to the local interests, he is focused on helping along some of the most important national issues in any way he
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