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Does the health of your friends’ friends’ friends have any relationship to your own? How about to your outlook on life? Do they care about your general happiness or grumpiness? Your approach to problems and opportunities? In this TED video, Nicholas Christakis, the author of Connected, explores the hidden influence of our social networks. In the video Dr. Christakis discusses some of his findings related directly to health and wellness. Turns out he discovered the widowhood affects. He compared a clusters of body sizes and located through arithmetic that the people around you will be able to have a bearing on your body size. This caused Christakis to see the world in a new way. His first topic, with respect to social networking, was obesity.…show more content…
It’s only when you get to your friend’s friend’s friend’s friends that there’s no longer a relationship between that person’s body size and your own body sizes.” How might our face-to-face social networks within the workplace impact our work? Our productivity? Our bedside manner? Our perception of policies and procedures? Our leadership styles? The video explains tons concerning why on-line social networks became so well-liked then helpful. You'll be able to self-select into the cluster that you just wish to be a district of, which has implications for your weight, habits, and money success. Christakis conjointly brings up the subject of emotional contagion in folks of social networks. Christakis shortly translate emotions through smiling at each other, or through riots, however Christakis brings up the thought that emotions are also able to unfold during as unstained manner through social networks. This implies that being around people with bound emotions can cause your emotions to vary to become a lot of similar over time. Emotions might have a lot of a collective existence instead of a private
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